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1995 Vannevar Bush Symposium, Tape 1 - Paul Kahn

Published 19961012

Andy van Dam and Paul Kahn's presentation at the The Brown/MIT Vannevar Bush Symposium in 1995, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Bush's groundbreaking article "As We May Think". Event MC Andy van Dam kicks off the program with an historical overview, short video footage of a Vannevar Bush interview (11:29), timeline and awards (13:52), and a brief history of hypertext (19:27).

Paul Kahn follows with a pictoral overview of Bush's many inventions (27:15), footage from a 1964 interview of Bush (36:12), a demo of the Memex Animation (39:58), ending with Q&A. Andy returns to share how he was first introduced to Bush's work, and then begins introducing the first guest speaker, Doug Engelbart (44:40).

See the Video Archives - Bush Symposium page on the Doug Engelbart Institute website for links to all 11 sessions of this Symposium, and more.

Run time 49:00:00
Audio/Visual sound, color


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